San Juan Plant


Raisin Processing Plant in San Juan

Our facilities in the province of San Juan, Argentina, are considered one of the most modern seedless raisin processing plants in South America, and have a strong focus on food safety. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce an excellent quality product that meets the rigorous safety standards required in the most demanding markets.

Geographical Location and Raw Materials

The main regions of origin of the raisins are located in the Argentine provinces of:
San Juan: characterized by a very dry climate and high temperatures, its geography makes it an optimal place for the cultivation and drying of grapes.
La Rioja: this province has a dry and warm climate favorable for the cultivation and production of raisins. In the province, DOV (dry on vine) is used, where the grapes are dried on the vineyard and not on the ground (stone beds). This allows the final product to have a higher safety and innocuousness degree (almost free of mineral residues and foreign matters).

Equipment and Process

- Double washing: rotary and double cascade, avoiding any trace of soil and other foreign matter.
- Draining and centrifuging to eliminate residual water.
- 2 HELIUS TOMRA BEST laser scanning equipment capable of removing foreign matter of vegetable origin and discolored raisins.
- NIMBUS TOMRA BEST laser scanning equipment, which guarantees quality and homogeneity.
- 2 IXUS TOMRA BEST X-ray equipment guarantees product safety before final packaging.
- Metal detector equipment for the finished box.
- PATTYN robotic packaging equipment.
-We are BRC and Kosher certified.