Pietrelli in Alimentec 2024: Expanding our horizons.

Bogotá, Colombia - Again, we were present at Fair Alimentec in Colombia. Pietrelli has taken advantage of this international event to strengthen its presence in the market and open up new business opportunities.

The stand of Pietrelli in Alimentec attracted numerous visitors interested in your products high quality. The company, recognized for export plums dried with and without pit, as well as pureed prunes, and raisins from Argentina and Chile to a variety of countries, presented the unique characteristics of your brand and your commitment to excellence.

During the fair, Pietrelli not only managed to consolidate existing commercial relations, but also established new contacts that promise to further expand its global reach. The company's representatives stressed the importance of Alimentec as a platform to showcase their products to a wide and diverse audience, as well as to understand the market trends and the preferences of the consumers.

"Participating in Alimentec has been an invaluable experience for us," commented a Daniel Barbadillo Commercial Manager of Pietrelli. "We have had the opportunity to connect with international buyers and demonstrate why our dehydrated prunes are the preferred choice in many markets."

Alimentec 2024 has served as a meeting point crucial for companies around the world, and the participation of Pietrelli underlines the importance of this event for the food industry. With new businesses on the horizon and a brand increasingly recognized, Pietrelli is preparing for a promising future in the global market of food and beverages.