Pietrelli at APAS Show 2024: A total success in Brazil.

Pietrelli's participation in the 2024 edition of the Apas Show in São Paulo, Brazil, marked a significant milestone for the Argentine company. As part of the outstanding Argentine Pavilion, Pietrelli took advantage of this important event to strengthen its presence in the international market. The company not only exhibited its renowned products, such as D'Agen prune, prune puree and seedless raisins, but also established new strategic alliances and expanded its customer network.

The participation in the Apas Show represents not only an opportunity to showcase its high-quality products, but also a vital space for business growth. The ability to connect directly with potential customers and business partners at an event of this magnitude is invaluable for expanding its presence in the international market.

In an increasingly globalized world, events like the Apas Show provide companies like Pietrelli with the perfect platform to stand out from the competition and consolidate their position as a leader in production and export. With its ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, Pietrelli continues to reap success on the international stage and contribute to the pride of the Argentine industry.