Production plants


San Rafael Plant

Our plants in Argentina have the most efficient pitting system available in the market. They are equipped with a continuous processing line, built entirely in stainless steel and electronically synchronized de-icing machines. 

We are leaders in prunes pitting technology, which allows us to maintain an outstanding quality standard, with a processing capacity of up to 6,000 tons per year. We are certified with the most rigorous safety standards, such as FSSC 22000, as well as quality certifications for processes such as Kosher, Halal and Organic. 


San Juan Plant

Our facilities in the province of San Juan, Argentina, is considered one of the most modern seedless raisins processing plants in South America, with a strong focus on food safety. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce an excellent quality product that meets the rigorous food safety standards required in the most demanding markets.


Rengo Plant

Our plant in Chile specializes in pitted and unpitted prunes. Recently, we added a production line to make prune puree. We have an experienced team that guarantees safe and high quality products.

We are strategically located in the O'Higgins Region, Chile, in the center of the prunes growing area.

Our processing line has a capacity of 3,500 tons per year and uses advanced technology of electronically synchronized pitting machines and metal detectors. The addition of the prune puree line improves efficiency and expands our product range.